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About me



In this video I demonstrate magick with demon Sabnock from Goetia: a protection jar for pets. This jar is suited for kids and adults too.





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My name is Bonnie Berzova, and I live in Sweden. My Craft name is Lucifera. I am a practitioner of the Occult since long ago and practice the rites of Ceremonial Witchcraft. I do magick with the spirits of the dead and with Demons, planetary spirits and Archangels.

Currently I am building up the German part of this website. On this website you will find blogs in Russian, Swedish, Chinese, German and English. Each post and each page have several buttons to help you choose your preferred language.





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About my Ghost




This is a necromantic ritual with demon Murmur and my Ghost.
This is a necromantic ritual with demon Murmur from Goetia and my Ghost.




My Ghost is a very brave battlefield Ghost and we met thanks to demon Murmur. Demon Murmur introduced me to my Ghost and it took me almost one year to relax, stop fearing the spirit, and to finally become very attached to the spirit.

In the beginning, I was afraid to touch the Ghost’s helmet due to obvious reasons. I was afraid that the Ghost would kill me. But, after several rituals, I discovered that my Ghost is supporting me through life.

Read about how I program my Ghost for different purposes. My Ghost is a very dangerous spirit, but he likes me a lot. Murmur and my Ghost taught me necromantic magick on a level unknown to me before.





About my logotype






Demon Sabnock is described in several old books about magick and he is one of my all-time favourite demons. Sabnock is very wise and very dangerous.

He is very cunning and gives the false illusion that the witch he is protecting is defenceless. But my logo contains Sabnock’s sigil and so Sabnock wants to mark his territory.




Demon Sabnock is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.




“Call demon Sabnock if you want to create a strong astral defence for yourself. The one who sends you a magickal attack (curse) will suffer from the disease. The disease will continue until they interrupt the magickal attack they sent you. ”

Source: Goetia & Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly






This video contains a petition to demon Sabnock. You can use it if you need to send a curse back to the one who cursed you.










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About my services







I do different kinds of magick for my clients. Many of my clients heard about me through friends or saw me on TV. Then they found me on the Internet, and I helped them.

I do not want you to have witnesses who know that you hired me for magick. Why? I am very much loved as a witch all over the world because I perform unethical magick and try to solve client problems.

If you and the witness become enemies, you will have a problematic situation. The witness will spread rumours… I guess you already understand.







Pitch Black Craft



I have a huge website for those of you who want to read in English. There I have over 350 posts about demonic magick of Goetia and Grimorium Verum, planetary magick, the magick of Arbatel and the Key of Solomon, and necromantic magick.

Please follow to Pitchblackcraft.