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Demon Agares is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.





Below you will find links to several pages filled with client stories. As you have already noticed, I run my websites in 4 languages: English, Swedish, Russian and Chinese.





Client feedback

Testimonials page 1

Testimonials page 2

Testimonials page 3






Vittnesmål sida 1

Vittnesmål sida 2

Vittnesmål sida 3





感言 Parent page

感言 1

感言 2

感言 3





Свидетельства клиентов 1

Свидетельства клиентов 2

Свидетельства клиентов 3




My blogs



Here is my English blog at Pitchblackcraft.

Här är min svensk blogg.

Вот мой Русский блог.